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Achievement for All Education Trust Proposal

Important Highlands Update

Good afternoon families,

Many thanks to those that took the time to attend the focus group sessions that took place earlier this term.

I am pleased to inform you that the collated summary document is now available to view by request. If you require an electronic copy please email your request to '' where a copy will be sent to you.


Kind regards,

Mrs Targett-Adams

Dear Families,
Please find two documents below that we hope you will find useful.
  • A rationale document which outlines the potential that we believe a partnership with the Achievement for All Education Trust may hold and,
  • An FAQ document which has been published by the House of Commons which answers questions around academies and free schools.
We would like to remind you about the focus group sessions that will be taking place next week, please register your interest of attendance at the main reception area. We reiterate that the primary aim of these sessions is for all members of our community to have the opportunity to share their views on the proposal and future of our school. Further to that, we would like to reassure anyone that is planning to attend, that these sessions will be conducted in a respectful and professional manner and all participants should be reminded that our purpose here is not to take sides. The purpose of the consultation is to hold a balanced discussion on the future of the school with the best interests of the pupils (both present and future) at the centre - in the light of the current local and national education policies.
Any comments shared during the focus group meetings will be recorded and shared with members of the governing body for consideration. The email account, ‘’, will remain open until midnight on Friday 8th December. After which, no further correspondence will take place through this account.
As a school we would like to refocus our energies on the learning of the children in our school and to do what we do best, simply continuing to provide an excellent place to learn and work in. In the meantime, we will be seeking further advice from the Department for Education and Regional Schools Commissioner’s office.
Kind wishes,
Mrs Targett-Adams
Consultation Project Lead




Initial Consultaltion


Dear Families,


The Governing Body of Highlands Primary School has recently been exploring future options for our school in an ever changing, local and national educational landscape.


One of the options being explored is a proposal for Highlands Primary School to become a lead school within a brand new Education Trust which will be sponsored by the charity ‘Achievement for All’. Highlands have worked in close partnership with Achievement for All since January 2013. During this time, Highlands has gone from strength to strength and is now seen as a school for excellence both locally and nationally. Most recently, we have been recognised by the Mayor of London as a ‘School for Success’, the only primary school in the borough of Redbridge (July 2017)


The Achievement for All Education Trust are committed to building a world in which all children are seen as having potential, and where every child is enabled to be the best that they can be regardless of background, the challenges they face, or the needs they may have. We want our school to continue to be a great school, where every child is valued. We do not intend to change except in ways in which we think will improve our school even more.


Whilst there is no legal requirement that consultation is undertaken with parents/carers, we value your opinions and would like to give you an opportunity for your voice to be heard. Any comments or representations which are made about the proposals will be considered by the Governing Body before a decision is taken to move forward with Achievement for All. The attached newsletter will outline the rationale behind the decision, what a MAT means for the school and also outline how your voice can be heard.


Yours sincerely,



Dr Colin Runeckles                               Dr Kulvarn Atwal

Chair of Governors                              Head Learning Leader