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A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods 1

This term our learning is all about ‘A walk in the woods’


This includes: 


  • Learning about a variety of materials
  • Making footprints using found materials
  • Comparing the school environment to the woods during our class visit to Wansted park



  • Holding a pencil correctly
  • Forming all letters correctly
  • Writing descriptions about animals in the woods
  • Spelling High Frequency Words



  • Recognising High Frequency Words around school and at home
  • Making predictions about what might happen next
  • Naming the characters in books
  • Explaining what they like or dislike about a book
  • Sequence a story from the beginning, middle and end.



  • Sequencing numbers up to 20 and beyond
  • Adding objects together and learning the vocabulary related to addition
  • Subtracting objects and learning the vocabulary related to subtraction
  • Recognise, name and describe some coins