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Important Message from the Governing Body February 2018

Welcome to the Governors' Webpage

The Governing Body acts as a critical friend to the school. It has responsibilities in formulating school policies and setting the financial budget which it then reviews during the year. It reviews the School Learning Plan and looks at the teaching and learning taking place in classrooms. The Governing Body is made up of parents, staff, local authority representatives, and members of the community. Individual governors are attached to year groups so that they can get to know the children, check on their progress and see how the Pupil Premium is being spent in raising attainment.

Governors Composition and Terms of Office


The composition of the Governing Body of Highlands Primary School is as follows –

5 parent governors, 6 co-opted governors, 1 staff governor, 1 local authority governor, and 1 Headteacher governor.


There are three sub-committees which have their own terms of reference and report back to the main Governing Body – Finance, Personnel, and Pay. All discussions regarding teaching and learning take place at meetings of the main Governing Body


Full Name of Governor Date of Appointment Length of Term of Office Resignation/ End of Term   Appointing body Position of responsibility Register of Interest

Total attended

(since Sept 17)

Mr. Colin Runeckles 21.04.17 4 Years   Governors Chair of the Governing Body None 100%
Mr. Kulvarn Atwal 01.09.12 Ongoing     By Virtue of Appointment Headteacher None 100%
Mrs Jenny Owen 01.10.14 4 Years   Staff   None 100%
Councillor Mushtaq Ahmed 07.02.2018 4 Years   Local Authority   None 100%
Mrs. Atiya Nasir 19.10.14 4 Years   Parents   None 100%
Mrs Helen Mitchell 21.03.17 4 Years   Governors Vice Chair of Governing Body None 75%
Mr Jahedur Rahaman 21.03.17 4 Years   Parents   None 75%
Mrs. Joy Mortimer 21.04.17 4 Years   Governors Chair of the Finance Committee None 50%
Rev. Bernardino Mandlate 21.04.17 4 Years   Governors   None 100%
Miss Hayley Foster 24.06.15 4 Years   Governors   None 100%
Mrs Montaz Muquith 26.04.17 4 Years   Parents   None 100%
Mrs. Fauzia Khan 21.05.2018 4 Years   Parents   None  
Mr Thomas Lauder 21.05.2018 4 Years   Parents      
Mrs. Sarah Khan 14.10.14 4 Years Jul-16 Governors   None 86%
Mrs. Farah Ali 19.10.14 4 Years Oct-16 Parents   None 0%
Mrs. Naheed Zaman 17.04.15 4 Years Dec-16 Parents   None 0%
Mr. Shaukat Usman 17.03.14 4 Years Mar-18 Parents   None 57%