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Year 3

Year 3 : Spring Term

Frozen World

Frozen World 1
Frozen World 2

Year 3 have had an exciting start to the Spring Term! We started off our learning journey by finding some clues in blocks of ice which led us to our scientific enquiry of using different objects to help speed up the melting process of ice. The children also took this opportunity to write and perform some amazing poems about ice. The clues from the blocks of ice (Huskie dog, mushers) helped us to identify cold climates on a world map. This ultimately led us to our topic “Frozen World”. The name of the topic directed us towards a real life story “The Great Serum Race” by Debbie S Miller. The story is located in Noma, Alaska in the winter of 1925 where it is hit by an unexpected and deadly outbreak of diphtheria. In English the children have written character descriptions of Togo the husky dog and have created factual leaflets about diphtheria. Over the course of the term we will write newspaper articles using quotations and diary entries.


Furthermore, in Geography the children will locate hot and cold climates in relation to the equator and understand the meaning of hemisphere, pole and tropics. They will also have the opportunity to understand what the Artic and Antarctica are like and describe the similarities and differences. We will be identifying Artic animals and how huskies are adapted to the cold climate in Science. We will also be comparing our dietary requirements and comparing it with a Polar bear’s one. In addition to this in RE we have planned to visit the local Hindu Temple to further our knowledge of Hinduism and to gain a better insight of the religion and the culture.


The children’s exciting learning through our creative curriculum will continue to thrive through the rest of the term.

Our learning in class

Our learning in class 1
Our learning in class 2
Our learning in class 3