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Year 3 : Autumn Term


Scrumdiddlyuptious! 1
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Year 3 have had an exciting start to the Autumn term. We started off our learning journey by finding some clues around the school leading us to discover facts about foods that have originated from different parts of the world. This helped us locate these countries on the world map and find out more about the conditions in which these foods grow. This led us into our topic Scrumdiddlyumptious! (Yes! It’s all about FOOD!!) The name of the topic directed us towards one of the most famous books by Roald Dahl ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’. Although the theme of the book is chocolate we have linked it to our topic by tasting different vegetables to explain how these are dissimilar to the taste of chocolate. The children were super excited about tasting, radishes, cauliflower, celery, beetroot and kale. This was an opportunity for children to try vegetables that they had never tasted before. Over the course of the term we have explored the similarities and differences between Charlie’s and the children’s lives. One way in which we did this was by creating a family tree. We have also discussed the character traits of the various characters in the book and how they compare to one another.

Moreover to link our learning about countries around the world with countries of the UK we located these on a world map and identified the capital cities of the UK countries. As well as this we identified different natural features in the UK. We have looked at different places of worship around the UK for example a Church. We explored different types of Churches and their features. We also discussed the importance of a Church to Christian people. In addition to this we now understand the importance of the Bible to Christian people.



Finally we have been investigating different scientific concepts including forces and magnets. We carried out an experiment to investigate how a toy car will move on different surfaces. These included bubble wrap, a table, sandpaper and carpet. Following this we wrote our own conclusions using scientific vocabulary such as faster, slower, push, pull, friction and fair testing.

The children’s learning through our creative curriculum will continue to thrive through the rest of the term.





Our learning in class

Our learning in class 1
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