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Activity 1


Your first activity is all about reflecting on your thoughts and feelings.

Some of us are very good at talking about our feelings and some of us find it very difficult to talk about our feelings. However it is very important to be able to reflect on our feelings and express and share them.


First we would like you to mind map all the different feelings and emotions you can think of. You may choose to do positive emotions in one colour and negative emotions in another colour. Try and branch off words with their synonyms to expand your vocabulary. 


Next you will write two separate paragraphs in your reflection. Before you do this you might wish to talk to your adult about your feelings in order to get your thoughts together. Use your mind map to help you.  


Once you are ready you can begin to write your reflection:


1) We would like you to reflect back at this past year including the last few months and write about how you feel and why you have felt this way.

Things you might like to include: 

  • How did you feel coming into year 4
  • Do you have any special memories from this year
  • Something you particularly enjoyed
  • Something you found particularly difficult


2) You will now go on to think about the coming year and write about how you are feeling.

You may talk about things like:

  • How you feel about going into year 5
  • Who your new teacher will be
  •  Your new room
  • What you will learn
  • What will the school day look like, etc
  • Any concerns you have


It can sometimes be difficult to explain your feelings so you may add drawings to show how you feel and use similes / metaphors to express yourself as best you can.



Please remember to share pictures of your work so that we can also share these with your new teachers!