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Activity 2


Rosa was made fun of, pushed and shouted at in the pages below but she still stuck up for herself., she knew it was wrong to treat anyone that way In the pages below a young boy pushed Rosa and hs mother was angry at Rosa’s response, she was especially angry because she was black. Is this okay? Was Rosa wrong for pushing the boy back?


Your job today is to write a letter to the young boys mum. You will need to explain that you know what happened and suggest better ways that she could have dealt with the situation. Can you explain to the mum why she was wrong to discriminate against Rosa? Can you explain how Rosa felt to the mum? 


Use the sentence starters below to help you write your letter:

Dear the boy’s Mother,


My name is____________. I am writing to you today on behalf of Rosa Parks, the young girl you shouted at for pushing your son. The reasons I am writing to you are…

I believe you were wrong because…

There are many ways you could have dealt with this situation, one being…

Although I understand you may have been upset seeing your son get pushed, that does not give you the right to use someone’s skin colour against them. This is wrong because…


Please send your letters to your teachers via your class emails. 

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