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Activity 2

Shoe Box Portrait

The idea of a shoe box portrait is to prepare a shoe box with personal items that tell people something about yourself and why they are important.


You will draw/write what you would put in a shoebox that would demonstrate your personality and who you are. 


You may wish to do this by simply writing the name of the object, drawing the objects or you may wish to take pictures of the items and glue them down. Below your drawing of a shoe box with your items, you will write an explanation for why each item is important and what it shows about your personality

For example, you may put a picture of your pet, your might put the logo or t shirt of your favourite football team.


Note: If you would are feeling creative you may wish to do this activity with a real shoe box and draw the items or place them inside your shoe box.



Please remember to share pictures of your work so that we can also share these with your new teachers!