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Activity 3

Activity 3

Muhammad Ali fought for African American rights, he converted to Islam and changed his name and he refused to fight in a war that he didn’t believe in. He was strong minded and independent. He fought for what he believed in and always followed his heart.


When he refused to fight in the war he had his title taken away from him and was banned from boxing, is this fair? Can you write a letter to the army telling them about Muhammad Ali? Let them know your thoughts and feelings about their actions and make sure to mention all the good that Muhammad Ali has done.


First step: List all of the features you need to include in your letter. 

Second step: Think about the structure of your letter, what will each paragraph be about? How will you address the army? How will you persuade them to change What they have done?

Third step: Write a draft and share it with someone. Think about how you could make this better. 

Fourth step: Can you make it even better?