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Activity 3

Letter To Your New Teacher

So by now you would have found out who your new teacher will be next year, so we would like you to write a letter to your new teacher telling them all about yourselves!


In your letter include the following to allow your teacher to really get to know about you! 


  • Introduce yourself 
  • Tell them how you are feeling about being in their class next year.
  • Tell them your likes / strengths / favourite subjects / Hobbies/ Clubs, etc
  • Tell them your dislikes or things you would like to improve on
  • Tell them  what you are looking forward to next year
  • Any hopes you have for next year
  • Any worries / concerns
  • Ask anything you would like to know about them
  • Ask any questions about next year


It might be a good idea to mind map or list all the things you would like to include in your letter for each point before you begin your letter.



Things to remember when writing your letter:


  • Organise your letter into clear paragraphs.


  1. An introductory paragraph (addressing your teacher and introducing yourself)
  2. Main body (split into separate  paragraphs about yourself) 
  3. Summarising paragraph with a final message.



  • You need the address of the person you are sending the letter to on the top right hand corner. For this letter you will need the school address as you are writing to your new teacher.
  • Your letter will need to be quite formal as you are writing to your new teacher.
  • You must remember to sign your name at the bottom of the letter so your new teacher knows who the letter is from. 
  • Use the correct punctuation, check your spellings.
  • Read the letter back to yourself, proof read it.


It may be a good idea  to write a draft letter and then up level and edit this like we do with our writing in school. 



Please remember to share pictures of your work so that we can also share these with your new teachers!