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Lesson 3 - Reading scales

Brain Teaser!

To get your brain warmed up, try out this capacity game using the link below. Challenge yourself!



Today we will be looking reading scales for capacity.

The first thing we would like you to do, is have a discussion with your grown up about what a scale is. Where have you seen a scale? What are they used for? Why are they important in our lives?


We use scales in lots of different situations in our lives. They are used to measure different things such as weight, height, capacity, temperature and even speed!

It's important to know how to read scales just like it is important to be able to tell the time. If we didn't know how to read scales, we would get measurements wrong and that wouldn't help when cooking and trying to keep to the speed limit on a road.


Below is a PowerPoint which goes through the steps in working out what a scale is reading. There is also a YouTube clip to help further.

Reading Scales

Mrs Karia has also kindly made a video to explain how she reads scales at home. Watch carefully to see what steps she takes to read how much liquid is inside the jug!

Mrs Karia showing us how she reads scales at home

Still image for this video


Below are some worksheets we would like you to do. The number of stars lets you know how challenging it is. Remember not to just take the easy option and challenge yourself! The harder you work the better you will get! laugh