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Activity 3


Have a look at the two schools, the school for white children and the school for black children. What differences can you see? Write them down. Put yourself in Rosa’s shoes, how do you think she felt going to school there? How do you think she felt knowing that she was treated so very differently from the children in the white school? Do you think the children in the white school deserve less? Is it the white children’s fault that the schools are separate?


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Time to put yourself in to Rosa’s shoes. Imagine you had a separate class for boys and a separate class for girls, your class have been split up…


Your class has no whiteboard, no books and you are not allowed to use the playground because of your gender. You are not allowed to use any art resources and there aren’t enough pencils so you will have to share. You can only go to school three times a week and you will need to bring your own food as there’s not enough food for your class to have school dinners. You have to sit on the floor because there are no desks and only some chairs. You cannot do PE because the equipment is not for you and if you need water you will need to walk outside the school to get it. You only have one teacher but you have to share your teacher with the other class next door. You have to use a different toilet to the other classes and that is outside in the playground. 


The other class have lots of books, they can play in the playground whenever they want because they are not the same gender as you. They have tons of art resources and paper and enough pencils for everyone to have two. They go to school every day and their teachers even give fun home activities to do. They get to eat yummy school dinners and can have seconds if they want. They have their own desks and chairs and get to do PE twice a week. They have their own water bottles and fountains inside their class. Their teacher stays with them all day and they even have help from another teacher if they find things a little difficult. They can use the toilets inside. 


How do you feel in your new class? Do you think it is fair that the other class have so much and you have so little?


Today you will write a diary entry about a day in that class. Remember to share your feelings and to write about what happened throughout the day. Put yourself in that place and really think about what school would be like if it were like that.