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Activity 4

Showcase Yourself

In this activity you will share all the fantastic things about yourself and why your teacher is super lucky to have you in their class!


You will showcase yourself a bit like you would if you were applying for a job, so you will  include:


  1. A picture of yourself (this could be a drawing or a photo)
  2. Personal info (e.g. name, birthday, siblings, etc),  
  3. Skills/qualities ( e.g. I am fantastic at playing football / I'm extremely skilful at drawing)
  4. What you will bring to the class (e.g. I will bring lots of humour to the class and make you all laugh and always cheer you up.......)


Don't forget to use lots of positive and interesting descriptive words to describe how amazing you are!



Please remember to share pictures of your work so that we can also share these with your new teachers!