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Floating boat challenge

Make a floating boat for your toys. Remember to use a waterproof material on the outside of your boat so that it doesn't get all soggy!
Make it more challenging by making a boat that holds lots of toys, or a heavy toy. Make a really big or a really small boat.

Animal enclosure challenge

Use pegs and lolly pop sticks or cardboard to make animal enclosures.

Bridge challenge

Make a bridge across the river. Can you make a tall bridge? Can you make a long bridge? Can you make a bridge that can hold the weight of a toy?

Marble run

Build a marble run from items you would usually throw away.

When you have finished you can challenge yourself with these ideas:

1. Think about some real-life examples of how this science is used and create a design that mimics them. For example, you could make a rollercoaster or waterslide version.
2. Make another marble run and race your marbles to see which one is quickest.
3. Make two routes on the same backboard and time them or race them.
4. Create alternative routes by having a tab you can change to direct the marble a different way, like a train track.
5. Make a supersized one by joining multiple boxes together.
6. Decorate your marble run to make it stand out.
7. Film a video or take a photo and send it to us!

Maze Game- Mrs Kitchener

A fun game to make and then use to challenge your family!