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Creative Wider Learning Activities

Creative Writing Opportunities

Every day, you'll find an interesting picture, writing prompts and philosophical questions to spark  your creativity on Pobble 365.

Use on your smartboard screen, or print them out with the easy-to-use PDFs.

Involve your family and share your ideas to  spark interesting discussions based on the writing prompts that interest you :-)

Have fun and share.

Weekly Whole School Projects


Do access the Whole School Projects page where there are weekly activities for you. 

Educational Fun Activities

Online resources and educational games across all subject areas


IXL Learning, once in the website please select the Year group 5 and subject required.


Twinkl - once you have opened Twinkl, please follow the below steps to gain access:

  • On the right hand side of the page go to 'New to Twinkl'
  • Add your email address
  • Create a password
  • On the drop down list on Occupation select Parent
  • Offer Code you need to enter is UKTWINKLHELPS
  • Then click Sign up and Subscribe


TES - Once you have accessed TES, please following the below steps:

  • Within the Search field type Year 6 then the subject area i.e Maths or English, then search.
  • Once the results appear use the 'Sort by' filter on the right hand side and amend to 'Lowest Price', this will then list all the free resrouces you can access.


TESTBASE - Once you have opened TESTBASE click on 'Access your free taster demo', please note only limited questions are available on this website.


Oxford Owl


Online resources and educational games - English

English Primary Resources

Top Marks English

Pobble 365


Online resources and educational games - Maths

Maths Factor - highly recommened online Maths resource created by Carol Voderman.  Please note you will need to register but it is free to access while the Schools are closed.

Maths Primary Resources

Top Marks Maths

NCETM - once you have opened NCETM please follow the below steps:

  • Go to Never Registered Before on the right hand side of the page.
  • Create an account using your own details (select Parent/Carer from the drop down within 'Tell me about your role').
  • Once you have competed all the fields click on Sign Up.

Corbetts Maths