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Day 3: Recap for division


Please use the questions below to recap key methods to support you in using division in a number of different ways. There is a guided video below that will take you through some different methods and how they are used across different topics in Maths! Use a calculator to check your answers. 

Mild Spicy Hot
105/5 576/9 4272/12
135/5 882/7 2189/11
236/2 2600/8 3432/13
492/4 783/9 9486/9
609/3 1542/6 1392/16


Division By Chunking


Math Antics - Long Division with 2-Digit Divisors

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How to divide using short division / the 'Bus Stop' Method

A quick guide to using the bus stop method for division KS2. How to divide using the bus stop method. BOOKS I RECOMMEND TO PASS THE SATS Maths - https://amzn...