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Day Two

Day Two!

Hi Year 2, well done for making the mind map of all of your adjectives yesterday.

Today we would first like you to underline all of the adjectives that could be used to describe a person.

For example if you have written the adjective 'blue' that is unlikely to describe your character (unless you're writing about an alien!), however if you have written the word 'beautiful' this might describe your character.


Once you have underlined all of your character adjectives, choose your 5 favourite .


When you have chosen 5 adjectives that could describe your character can you write a sentence for each?


So you could write

'Her hair was beautiful' - but I think that is a bit boring. Instead you could try 'Her beautiful, golden hair moved in the wind'


To help you do this when you are writing think 'what am I describing and what is it doing?' So if you had the adjective 'strong' you could ask yourself 'who was strong?' 

'Thor was strong'

Then you ask what is Thor doing to show he's strong.

'Thor was so strong that he could lift 1000 men with one hand'.


Now try it yourself! Write 5 sentences using your chosen adjectives!