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Dear Year 2,

This is the final week of the English extended writing. Remember to read the text carefully with a grown up and do the thinking and planning before you start your writing. If you haven't been able to do as many as you would have liked to, please carry on during half term and beyond.


Dear Year 2,

We are continuing our extended writing. As before, please send us photos of your work and remember that you don't need to do the long write in one go.


Dear  Year 2, 

For English over the next few weeks, we would like you to plan and write some extended writing. We were working on this at school with you and you were doing really well with it.  

Think about how we would plan and think about what we were going to write. Next we would have a go at doing our extended writing. Then we would fix the final draft by correcting spellings, making sure our presentation was the best we could make it by using the joins taught and finally adding in subordination and co-ordination.

When you do your extending writing, remember you don't have to do it all at once; you could do some in the morning and finish it in the afternoon or even take a couple of days to do it. Be flexible. It would be lovely if you could send us copies of your extending writing.


English learning: Week beginning 1st June 2020.

We will be writing extended text and reading together this week and focusing on clauses and conjunctions. We will also be writing diaries and comparing different stories.

English Learning 01/06/20