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In Year 5 we are trialing a new homework system in which your child will receive a new homework sheet every 3 weeks. On this format your child will have several non-negotiable tasks to complete. These are tasks which need to be completed during the time set and documented in their homework books. They can choose to complete these activities in whichever order they would like. On this format you will also find additional activities that we would like to encourage the children to engage with. Evidence of this can also be documented in their homework books. On the date set they are to return their homework book with all non-negotiable activities completed and they will receive a new sheet for the following 3 weeks. As well as receiving a paper copy of this format we will also upload these below.


Children will continue to get weekly Maths homework and weekly spellings. Please make sure they are not only learning the spellings but that they are learning the definitions of the words they are given. As an extra challenge they can also write these words into sentences.


If you have any questions please speak to your child's class teacher.


Thank you for your continued home learning support!