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Some of our parents were asking for an outline of work that we will be learning each week.


We would like to remind everyone that we would highly recommend you work with your children using the homework from the previous week. It is very important that your children continue to practise work and skills that they have previously learnt.


Tips for home support:-

  • Please refer to the previous weeks homework and continue to practise the skills to extend knowledge and information linked to the previous weeks topic lessons.

  • Check the website each week for all updates and weekly homework set by the team.

  • Read daily with your child and remember to comment and sign your child's reading record.

  • Choose books from the local library that have a gripping story-line with an adventure and great characters to further enhance their learning.

  • Ask your child questions about what they have read encouraging children to make predictions whilst reading different text.

  • Please support your child when completing homework such as maths, writing, reading and spelling.

  • Please remember children will be taking home their spelling homework every Monday and quizzed the following Monday

  • Homework will be given to your child every Friday and is due back, the following Wednesday


Dear Year 2, These are the Autumn handwriting joins that you should be using in all of your writing.

21.06.19 Homework


Hi all, next week Tuesday is Sports Day. We are so excited to see everyone take part and have fun. In the Sports Day spirit, for homework, we'd like you to design a game/activity and then write instructions of how to play it. Draw a picture of the game to help your descriptions. The game must involve lots of movement and think about giving it a name. If you can't think of a new game, maybe take an old one and change it slightly e.g. A hopping race instead of a running race.