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Krindlekrax Week 4 - Chapter 4. 11.5.2020

This week, we are looking at CHAPTER 4 of 'Kindlekrax' written by Philip Ridley. 


We were kindly given permission to record an audio of someone special reading it! Can you guess who? 


Click on the player below and listen to Chapter 4 being read to you.


It might help to sit in a quiet room and also close your eyes to help you imagine the story!


Below are PowerPoints that will talk you through the activities and Resources to help, if you wish to use them.


If you are confused about anything, please ask a grown up at home or otherwise write down what you are finding tricky and discuss it with your teacher via email or when they call you.


The most important thing is that you have fun with this book and enjoy the fantastic story! 


We are in no way trying to replicate the school day, so families please do what works best for you!

Chapter 4 of Krindlekrax

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity. 3

Activity 4