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At Highlands this year, after considering a wealth of education research we have decided as a school that we will no longer be sending your child home with a weekly homework activity. Instead we have uploaded to this page a list of fun activities that your children can do to develop a range of different skills and themselves as individuals. The first list we have uploaded has been suggested by the Department for Education. Please scroll through the activity passport to the Year 5 page. Feel free to take a look at any of the other suggested activities for other year groups too! We are welcoming children who would like to come and show us anything they get up to to present this during show and tell time to the class. 


Children will continue to get weekly spellings. Please make sure they are not only learning the spellings but that they are learning the definitions of the words they are given. As an extra challenge they can also write these words into sentences. In addition we will be placing more emphasis on checking your child's reading record to see if they are being read with or reading to an adult at home. Your child's class leader will be checking that their reading record has been signed by an adult every Monday. It is imperative our children have the opportunity to read aloud to someone in order to be question about the book to check their understanding of what is happening but also of new key vocabulary.


If you have any questions please speak to your child's class teacher.


Thank you for your continued home learning support! 




Suggested home learning activities