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Lesson 1

Activity 1 - Timeline of Rosa Parks life

As you are listening to the reading of I am Rosa Parks, make notes on the key significant events in her life. Once you have finished listening to the story, use the links below to find out more about Rosa Parks. For your activity today, use the information from the text and your own research to create a chronological timeline of her life. There are some examples of timelines below. Be as creative as you can!


Once you have created your timeline consider the following questions;

  • What were the significant events across Rosa Parks life that made her the person she was? 
  • Why do you think she is known as an inspirational individual?
  • How did her life story make you feel?
  • How could we take inspiration from Rosa Parks in our own lives?
Example timeline 1
Example timeline 2
Example timeline 3
Example timeline 4