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Lesson 1: Introducing Area


This week in Maths, we will be exploring Area! We will be learning how to work out the area of shapes such as squares and rectangles.

We will also look at word problems involving area later on in the week.


To begin with, discuss with a grown up what the word "Area" means. Where have you heard the word before?


Area is the space inside a shape. 

For example, if we want to work out the area of our classroom, we are working out the total floor space inside the room.

Why might this information be important? Where would we need to use area in real life? Discuss this with your grown up.


Area is very important in construction. We need to use area to build different sized buildings and structures. It helps builders work out the size of a space they are working in and what size materials they need. It also helps when fitting carpet or wood flooring!


We can measure area by counting the squares inside the shape.

Below is a PowerPoint and YouTube clip that will explain this further.

An Introduction to Area

Now you have a go!

Test how much you know by completing the worksheets belowsmiley

If you find this tricky, please speak to your grown up at home or wait to ask your teacher when they phone you.