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Lesson 1: Introducing Division


This week in Maths, we will be looking at strategies to solve division number sentences and word problems.


The first thing we would like you to do is, to have a conversation with your grown up about what 'Division' means. When do we use it? What is the purpose of division?

Division is an operation used in Maths to split objects or numbers into equal groups. Sometimes even with leftovers known as remainders! It can be used in real life situations such as school; when we split resources amongst each other equally. Or when you have won a competition as a group and share the winnings equally between your team mates.


Once you have thought about what division means, we would like you do have another discussion with your grown up about all the different methods for division. Which ones have we spoke about in school? Which one do you feel confident using? And why?

Mrs Karia has kindly recorded some brilliant videos of herself demonstrating arrays method and repeated subtraction for division.

Watch these carefully to remind yourself on how to use these methods!

Array Strategy

Still image for this video

Repeated Subtraction

Still image for this video


Now to practise your chosen method (arrays method or repeated subtraction) - Please note that we will be showing you how to do long division using chunking in the next few days.

Below are some chilli challenge questions to practise these two methods we have shown above.

Begin with Mild, if you find these easy move onto Hot and then Flaming Hot. 


You need to complete at least 8 questions but if you can do more -  that's even better! Remember the more you practise the better you will be at it.


When have completed this activity, do not mark them, as we will be self-assessing tomorrow!

Talk to your grown up if you find anything challenging and see if they can support you, otherwise please wait to discuss it with your teacher when they contact you.

Chilli Challenge