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Lesson 1: Subtraction

his week, you will looking at strategies to solve subtraction number problems. 


The first thing we would like you to do, is to have a discussion with your grown up about which method you remember learning in class. Below is two videos for you to have a look at. Some of you will be working on expanded method and some of you will be doing formal column method. Watch both videos and decide which you feel more confident with.


Expanded Column Method


Column Method:


Activity 1: Numbers Hunt!


You will need: a piece of scrap paper and also a calculator (your grown up's phone will have one so you can do this bit with them!).

Go round your house and go on a number hunt. Write down numbers that you find in different places (you might want to look outside your front window; in your kitchen; living room etc).


Once you have got your numbers, have a go at subtracting one from the other. Try to stick to numbers you are comfortable with, and remember to start with your biggest number on top!).


Once you have had a go at some subtraction sentences, with a grown up, check your answers with a calculator.