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Lesson 2

Lesson 2

For your English learning today we would like you to begin planning a letter that you will write on behalf of Rosa Parks and black people in America. You will be writing as a citizen during the 1950's. Later this week we would like you to write to the government to explain to them and teach them, knowing what you know about equality, justice and fairness, why you believe the rules they put in place to prevent black people from being equal were against their human rights. Your activity for today is as follows;

  1. Draw a table similar to the one below with three columns.
  2. In the first column, think of all the ways the book and your own research informs you about how black people were treated as unequal.
  3. Once you have thought of this in the second column consider your opinion on why each of these rules put in place were not right. Think about our human rights and what we know as rights respecting citizens is the right and wrong way to treat others.
  4. Finally in the third column, put yourself in Rosa Parks or one of her friends or family member’s shoes. How would being treated this way and having to follow these rules make you feel? Remember they were arrested if they did not follow them!


If you need any additional support with this activity please follow the link to the video which you will find below the table.


How black people were treated unequally or discriminated against Why you believe this was against their human rights and was not okay How this makes you feel (imagine you are being treated this way)