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Lesson 2: Multiplication continued!


Go through and self assess your work from yesterday.  Just like before, if there is something you do not understand, ask your grown up for help or make a note to ask your teacher when you next speak to them on the phone.




Yesterday we looked at two different strategies for multiplication. Write down what you found hard about it and if there is a grown up who can help you, talk it through with them. Otherwise, keep your notes and talk through them with your teacher when they call you later in the week.


If you found you fully understood the expanded method, next try the column method. The videos are below again.


A video guide for parents Grid Method


Grid Method for Children


Multiplication Column Method (Multiplying by one digit)


Multiplication Column Method (Multiplying by two digits)


Activity 1:


Step 1: Create your own number sentences (e.g. 52 x 2 =) Make sure you choose numbers and a strategy you are confident with.


Step 2: Using a calculator (there will be one on your parents phone which you could ask them to use (with supervision)) self assess your work.


Step 3: Try the ones you got wrong again.


Extension (If you have Excel).


Download this document and use it to randomly make questions for you to answer.