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Lesson 2: Practising Column Subtraction


Begin by marking the questions you did yesterday. Go through any you didn't understand with someone at home or wait until your teacher calls you and ask them explain it to you.




Yesterday, we looked at expanded column method and the simple column method to subtract numbers together. 

Talk to your grown up about how you found it.  Was there anything you found challenging? If your grown up cannot help you, write down what you found difficult and talk to your teacher about it when they call in the week.


Below is another video and a rap, please watch this for a refresher.

Column Subtraction (with exchanging)

Subtraction Rap for Kids


For today's activity, please pick two numbers from either column, put them into a number sentence and subtract them .

Do at least 8 questions and if you would like to do more - even better! Remember the more you practise the better you will get.


When you have finished, use a calculator to check your answers. If you are confused with anything, ask someone at home to try and help you to spot where you have gone wrong. Use the videos to help you go over the strategy again.