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Lesson 2: Practising Subtraction Strategies

Mini Starter Quiz:


To warm up your brain, have a go at this number bonds to 20 quiz! It may say Year 1, but it is essential that we know our number bonds really quickly!




Yesterday we looked at two different strategies for subtraction. Write down what you found hard about it and if there is a grown up who can help you, talk it through with them. Otherwise, keep your notes and talk through them with your teacher when they call you later in the week.


If you found you fully understood the expanded method, next try the column method. The videos are below again.



Expanded Column Method


Column Method:



Activity (Choose one of the two).


Activity 1: Creating a Board Game

Create your own board game to play with your family with subtraction number sentences on each square. You can check these on a calculator after. Just like yesterday, make sure you pick number sentences that you find challenging but ones that you think you can do. 


Below is an example of a board game you might want to make (but you will have more difficult number sentences and only focusing on subtraction):


Activity 2: Online Game:

Click on the link above and go to the game: 3 Digit - 2 Digit with regrouping and have a go at these questions using your chosen method.