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Lesson 3: Adding Fractions



Self Assess your answers from yesterday.



Main Activity:

Today you are going to be looking at adding fractions with the same denominator. If you can't remember which the denominator is, then have a look below!



Now thay you know which is which, have a look at the below video in order to work out how to add fractions together.




Adding Fractions - Fractions for Kids - Common Denominator



It's time to play some online games. In order to work these out, you can do it on paper first and then play on the computer.


Play Level 1A:


Play Add Fractions (Sums up to 1)



Adding Fractions so they get to 1. Remember that if your numerator and your denominator are the same, you get a whole. For example 4/4= 1 Whole or 3/3: 1 Whole. Try this game below to try and make whole numbers: