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Lesson 3: Fractions of Amounts


Let’s begin with warming up our brains! Using your learning from the previous lesson complete the challenge below.  What equivalent fractions do the diagrams represent?

Now we’d like you to have a discussion with your grown up about how you feel your learning is going so far this week. Do you understand how to find equivalents fractions? What do you need to work on to improve your fraction skills? What have you enjoyed? Why? 


Today we are going to learn how to find fractions of amounts. What are fractions of amounts? Can you give an example of one?  How can we find ¼ of 12?

Watch the YouTube clips below that demonstrate how to find fractions of amounts.

Finding Simple Fractions of Amounts

Finding Fractions of Amounts

Once you have done this, work through the examples below and try to work out the answers. If you’re unsure ask an adult to explain or watch the videos again.


Below are a variety of work sheets on Fractions of Amounts. One star, two star and 3 star; choose the one you feel comfortable with but do challenge yourself!

You need to complete at least ONE and if you wish to do more, that is great smiley


There is also a challenge work sheet which involves finding the fraction - if you are feeling daring, please give this a go!


There are answer sheets included which you can use at the end to check your work. Please go through your answers with someone at home.

Challenge Activity