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Lesson 3: Long Division using chunking


To begin with, we would like you to complete these number families.

When you know the multiplication fact, you can work out the division facts wink



Now we'd like you to have a discussion with your grown up about how you feel about using a number line to solve division. Are you getting better at it? What do you think you need to work on to get better?



Today we will be introducing you to another method to solve division.

Please note that if you feel confident and comfortable using a number line to solve division, please stick to that! We are just showing you a range of methods, so you can choose one that you feel confident with. 


The method that we are going to show you is called Long division using chunking.

This method will help you to understand the steps involved in long division and will also help to move you onto the bus stop method, which you will use in upper KS2.


For any method involving chunking, you will need to write down some Key Fact Calculations (Or KFC! But not the fried chicken!)

Normally, Mrs Qureshi likes to use 10, 5, 2 and 1 times tables, as she finds them the easiest to remember! But if you know other Key Fact Calculations, you can do whichever you like.


Below is a video by Mrs Qureshi demonstrating how to use long division using chunking to solve division questions.

Long Division using chunking

Still image for this video


Below are some questions we would like you to try out using Long Division with chunking.

If you find this method tricky, stick to the number line method we learnt yesterday.


Remember to include your Key Fact Calculations (KFC) on the side smiley




If you feel the above questions are not challenging enough, try these questions below!



Remember the more you practise, the better you will get at division! Good luck yes