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Lesson 3: Working out the Area of things in your home!

Brain Teaser!

To test your knowledge on area and perimeter (from last week!), try and solve the following question about area and perimeter. If you need reminding about perimeter, look back to last week's work on the Maths page.



Once you have done that, remind yourself using the PowerPoint and YouTube video below, how we measure things using a ruler.

Can you write your own steps to remind you? E.g. Start at zero...



Measuring Length in Centimetres

Now that you've reminded yourself how to measure length using a ruler.


We would like you to choose 5 different quadrilateral shaped objects in your house. What things can you find?

E.g. iPad, laptop screen, chopping board, Lego piece, shoebox, picture frame.


Once you've selected 5 items, we would like you to work out the areas of these items!


Remember the steps we learnt last lesson...


1. Measure the length and width of the object

2. Multiply them together

3. Include your units


Remember when you are measuring length and width, to keep it to the nearest centimetre! We don't want any decimals.


Here is an example we've done for you!



The length of this lego piece is 6cm and the width is 2cm.

So now I need to multiply them together... 6 x 2 = 12

And finally I need to include my units! 12 square centimetres laugh


Now it's your turn!

Remember to use a ruler accurately and to keep it to the nearest centimetre.


If you want to challenge yourself, ask your grown up if you can use a tape measure to measure larger quadrilaterals such as the door! Or the window!


Have fun and send in any exciting work or photos to your teacher smiley