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Lesson 3: Drawing Hands on a Clock


Let’s get our brains warmed up! Complete the challenge below, using your knowledge of time. Think carefully to solve the riddle.


Yesterday, we looked at how to tell the time using an analogue clock. Talk to your grown up about how you found it.  Was there anything you found challenging? If your grown up cannot help you, write down what you found difficult and talk to your teacher about it when they call in the week.


Now that we know how to read time, today we are going to learn how to write time. How many hands does an analogue clock have? What do the different hands represent?


Watch the YouTube clip of how to write the time on an analogue clock. Watch carefully to see what steps you need to follow.

Drawing Hands on a Clock

Once you have watched the video we would like you to use the interactive analogue clock to make the following times:

  1. 8 o’clock
  2. Half past 2
  3. Quarter to 11
  4. Quarter past 7
  5. Half past 6


Below are a variety of work sheets on Time. One star, two star and 3 star; choose the one you feel comfortable with but do challenge yourself!

You need to complete at least ONE and if you wish to do more, that is great smiley


There is also a challenge work sheet which includes 5 minute intervals- if you are feeling daring, please give this a go!


There are answer sheets included which you can use at the end to check your work. Please go through your answers with someone at home.

Challenge Activity