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Lesson 4

Lesson 4 - Letter to argue

Today you are going to be writing your letter to explain to the government why the way they are treating Rosa Parks and other black people in America unfairly and are not showing them equality.


You are writing this letter as if you are back in 1954 at the start of the Civil Rights movement, not in 2020. Remember you will have to argue your point of view using point, evidence and explain.


Make sure to use your planning from the past two days to help you structure your argument and opinions into clear paragraphs. 


Things to consider as you are writing are;

  • Are you clearly explaining your point of view and what you mean?
  • Can the reader feel your emotions?
  • Could you include some rhetorical questions that would really make the government or your reader think and feel something?
  • Have you used your plan and all the information you have built up over this week?
  • As always, think about your audience and purpose. What do you want your letter to achieve?