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Lesson 4: Identifying and recognising the featues of 3D shapes

Brain Teaser!

To warm up your brain, can you solve the puzzle below?

Check with someone at home... Did they get the same as you?


Now that we're experts on 2D shapes. We are now going to look at 3D shapes!

With someone at home, discuss what 3D means. What's the difference between 2D and 3D?


Once you've done that, see how many 3D shapes you can list! Write them down on scrap paper or draw them if you can!

Which 3D shapes can you spot around your house? 


3D Shapes Vocabulary




Once you have completed your worksheet, you could have a go at making a 3D model. All you need are some straws/lollipop sticks/pencils and clay/playdough/blu tack.

Which 3D shapes can you make? Send in any photos of 3D models you've made smiley