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Lesson 4: Solving division word problems


To get our brains warmed up we would like you to try and sort the numbers into the Venn diagram below.

If you can't remember how to use a Venn diagram, have a look in the Maths tab for Shapes, where we went over it.




Today we are going to be applying our division skills, that we've been practising, to solve word problems.

Just like the previous times we have done word problems, we use RUCSAC to help us.

Do you remember what the letters stand for? Have a discussion with your grown up.



Below is a YouTube clip that you can also watch to further understand how we use RUCSAC to aid us in solving word problems.

Using RUCSAC To Solve Problems



Below is a PowerPoint that you can work through with your grown up at home, or by yourself!

There is also a division word problem worksheet that you can work through too. Good luck winkyes