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Lesson 4: Solving Word Problems with Subraction

Brain Teaser!

Have a go at this challenge. Do you think it’s possible to do?

Solving Word Problems using Column Subtraction


Today you are going to be applying your skills on column subtraction, that you've been practising, to word problems.

Just like last week we use RUCSAC to solve our word problems. Do you remember what this stands for? Discuss it with someone at home.

Here is a YouTube clip to help you understand how to use RUCSAC to solve word problems laugh

Using RUCSAC To Solve Problems

Below is a PowerPoint with example questions that you can go through with someone at home to help you practice and understand before you move onto the main activity.

PowerPoint:Word Problems using Column Subtraction


When you have understood what RUCSAC is and how to use it, we would like you to put it into practice by solving some word problems using column subtraction.

Below are different word problem sheets. One star, two star and 3 star; choose the one you feel comfortable with but do challenge yourself!

You must complete at least ONE sheet smiley

Check your answers once you have completed your work with someone at home and go over any that you got incorrect.