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Lesson 4: Word Problems involving Area

Brain teaser!

To wake up your brains this lovely sunny day, we would like you to solve the challenge below... It involves both perimeter and area!

Can you solve it?



Now that you've warmed your brains up, we want to put your area knowledge to the test!

We want to see how much you've learned by giving you some word problems to solve smiley


Remember, whenever we look at word problems, we use RUCSAC to help us.

Can you remember what RUCSAC stands for? Discuss this with your grown up.



Also, don't forget when working out area, the THREE STEPS!

1. Find the length and width of the quadrilateral.

2. Multiply them together.

3. Include your units.



Below are two sets of word problems. One is just about area, and the other is about area and perimeter!

If you want a challenge try completing both - Good luck! yes