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Lesson 5

Becoming an activist and inspiring others to make a change! 

After learning about Rosa Parks this week and her fight for equality we would like you to consider the movement that is still taking place today. Rosa Parks helped to make changes in 1956, yet today in 2020 people around the world are still protesting for the rights of black people. at this very moment. Today we would like Year 5 to become part of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement!


The black lives matter movement came about after the unlawful killing of George Floyd by a Police Officer in the USA. Unfortunately this is not the only case of this happening. George's death has led to people of all ages, races, religions and cultures across the world,  coming together to make a change and ensure that as human beings we are fighting for anti-racism in every aspect of our lives. 


Racism and race can be a difficult conversation to have but it is important that we are talking and learning about these issues still present in our world today so that we can be a part of making the world a better place for everyone. If we were all at school we would be learning and discussing this topic together but as this is not possible at the moment we want to give you the opportunity through our English lesson today for your voice, your thoughts and your feelings on this matter to be heard.


Questions to consider

  • Why as a school are we a part of the black lives matter movement?
  • How do our rights respecting school values support this?
  • How does it make you feel personally?
  • What small things do you think you could do to help the movement?


The activity for today's lesson is to think of a way you could become an activist and inspire other people. Below are some different examples: 

  • Poster about equality, poster about black lives matter, a poster about different people (like Rosa Parks) who have fought for equal rights
  • A poem to share your feelings
  • A speech, expressing your views and teaching others
  • A piece of art work
  • A sign that you could hold up at a peaceful protest
  • An activity idea or lesson that we could do in class
  • Anything else you may think of! Be creative :) 


Have a look at the wonderful and inspiring examples below of people across the world showing solidarity and support for anti-racism and the BLM movement!