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Lesson 5: Times Tables



Self Assess your work from yesterday.


Activity: Learn your nine times table!


This week, I would like everyone who doesn't know their nine times table, to have a go at learning it! If you click below there is a video by a boy called Akash. He is a similar age to you and he has come up with a simple way to help you learn this particular times table. If you find it helpful, have a further look on youtube as there are some other tricks he gives you to learn other times tables!

Learn 9 Times Multiplication Table | Easy and fast way to learn | Math Tips and Tricks

Do you know the 9 times table? I am sure you know, here in this video I present you the easy ways to learn and memorize the 9 times table. This tricks will b...

Now you have watched the video, try this activity!


Practice these speed tests and then mark your answers afterwards!