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Dear Year 2,

Here are this weeks’ questions:

1.  How old were the children in Matilda’s class.

2. What do you think Miss Honey looks like? Draw a picture showing what you think.

3. Has there ever been a time when you’ve been upset that one of your friends could do something easily that you found tricky? How did you feel? 

Matilda 7

Hi Year 2,

Thank you to those of you who have been sending through all of your thoughts and answers. They have been great to read over.

Here are the questions for this week:

1. What colour was Mr Wormwood’s OIL OF VIOLETS HAIR TONIC? 

2. Draw a picture of what Mr. Wormwood’s breakfast might’ve looked like from the description. 
3. Mr. Guerrero thinks that Matilda was irresponsible for putting such a dangerous chemical called Peroxide in her father’s hair tonic. Do you agree or disagree. Why?


As always, talk to a grown up or your friends about what you think and email your reponses to you teachers.

Matilda 6

Hi Year 2, 

Enjoy listening to the next chapter of Matilda. Have a go at discussing these questions with your friends or a grown up:

1. How many cars did Matilda’s Dad sell? 
2.  Could you draw from the description, the suit that Matilda’s Dad was wearing?
3. Do you think Matilda’s Dad was right in saying that girls weren’t able to get the right answer to a question?


Feel free to email your teachers your responses.

Matilda 5

Hi Year 2,

These are the questions to think about and discuss for this chapter.

1.  Can you name the book that Matilda was reading?

2. What does the word ‘hissed’ mean?

3. Was Matilda right to take revenge on her parents?


Feel free to email your teachers your responses.


Matilda 4

Hi Year 2! Miss F and Mr G here!

The first story we am going to read to you is Matilda by Roald Dahl. Please have a listen and if you like you can answer the questions below.


Just a reminder it is strictly forbidden to record this recording  yourselves.



If you would like to send me your answers or ask any questions feel free to email us at





Matilda Chapter 3

Chapter 3

This week can you draw what you think Mr Wormwood would have looked like when Mrs Wormwood cut off his hat!

Please send me your drawing to


The most creative entries will be put on the commendation page!


Matilda Chapter 2

Questions for Matilda Chapter 2

1. What did the Wormwood's have for dinner?

2. What did Mr Wormwood put in the cars to make them run for 100 miles?

3. Do you think Matilda's parents are Rights Respecting? Why?

4. What pranks do you think Matilda might play on her family?

5. Do you think it is right that Matilda plays pranks on her family?


Remember to send me your answers to

Matilda Chapter 1




1. What are Matilda's brother's name?


2. Which city in Matilda's library in?


3. Name 2 of the books that Matilda has read?


4. What are your first impressions of Mr and Mrs Wormwood?


5. Can you draw a picture of what you imagine Matilda to look like?