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Mental Well-being

Hi Year 2!

During this very strange time it is really important that we look after our minds as well as our bodies!

There are lots of fun ways of doing this!

You could do a peace out, a thunk, go for a walk or listen to some music.

It is also super important to talk about how you feel. You can tell an adult at home or your teachers over email and when they call you.


Below is also some advice from Miss Vorley about looking after your minds and home and being safe online!


For this week if you would like to try a Thunk with your family you could think about:

1) What makes a good friend?

2) What colour is happiness?

3) If June had a personaility what would it be like?

4) Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?

5)If I was an flavour of crisps what flavour would I be and why?