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...Summer Term 2019...

Our topic this half-term is: Lets Explore!

This half term the children will become explorers, finding out all about minibeasts as well as creatures that live under the sea… They will be sharing the stories ‘Mad About Minibeasts’ and ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ to learn facts about different species. We will be watching caterpillars grow together, observing them change into cocoons then emerge as a butterflies. We will also be having a ‘beach day’ at school, where children will be invited to wear summer clothes, build sandcastles and paddle in water. Children are continuing to develop their language, social and physical skills every day through play based activities – we are really proud of the progress they have all made so far this year! 


Ready to Write...

This term your child will be supported by an adult to develop their early writing skills such as drawing using gross motor movements, giving meaning to the marks they make, using an effective pencil grip and having a go at writing their name. Your child will have their own ‘mark making’ book which will show thir progress over time. 


Physical development...

Physical development is a vital part of your child’s learning and will enable them to become confident writers. Physical development sets them up for successful learning later in their school life, which is why we focus on it so heavily within the early years. We support children to develop good:


  • Coordination e.g. balancing, throwing and catching, building
  • Strength e.g. climbing, pushing, pulling
  • Independence skills e.g. dressing, undressing, toileting, eating


Every week your child will have the opportunity to practise these skills, through outdoor play, ‘Sticky Kids’ music and movement sessions, 'dough disco' and snack time, among other activities.

Calendar dates


Thursday 23rd May: Nursery closed - polling, European Parliamentary Election


Week beginning 20th May: Beach day (weather dependent)


Monday  27th May - Friday 31st May: Half term break


Nursery homework

Please spend 5 to 10 minutes each day with your child looking at his/her nursery library book together. The length of time will vary according to how long your child concentrates for.


Ask your child questions such as “What can you tell me about the picture?” and give them time to reply to get them talking. You might look at all the pictures in the story in that time or you might just look at one of the pictures.


Read to your child. Encourage him/her to join in with some of the phrases he/she can remember when you tell the story again the next time. Talking about the pictures in books helps us to tell a story.


Encouraging your child to say what he/she thinks about the pictures in books is an important part of learning to read.



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Things to try at home...

Learn to sing the sounds of the alphabet...

Can your child spot any sounds from their name?