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Nursery's Learning Journey

Nursery Curriculum Maps

Nursery Curriculum Maps

Communication and Language

  • Developing listening and attention skills through small group sessions
  • Understanding classroom language with visual support- carpet rules, daily routines
  • Core books- 'Owl babies' and 'So much'

Supporting at home

  • Read everyday with children. Take children to the library to choose their own books- choosing books related to their interests will encourage engagement
  • Create lots of opportunities for talk- discuss what you have both done during the day, play together, talk about stories or tv programmes that your child has watched
  • Play listening games- go for a walk in the park and listen to the noises you can hear. Ask you child questions about the noise- Is it a loud or quiet noise? Have you heard the noise before? Can you make the noise?



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Settling in to the nursery rules and routines.
  • Building relationships with adults and peers
  • Hello song- learning and talking about emotions
  • Learning about our six School values - Respect, Friendship, Responsibility, Perserverance, Kindness, Empathy and Justice
  • Developing learning behaviours - sitting on the carpet, sharing toys, confidence in talking to peers and adults

Supporting at home

  • Take children to the park, soft play etc. to encourage them to meet and play with other children
  • Talk about feelings and when we might feel that way



    Physical Development

    • Gross motor activities - throwing and catching balls, climbing, running, jumping, riding bikes
    • Fine motor activities - tweezers, pegs, threading, slot in puzzles, playdough, colouring
    • Daily access to the outdoor environment- physical activities planned into free play

    Supporting at home

    • Encourage children to run, jump, hop, skip, climb, balance daily. You might like to do this at the park, in the garden or at a soft play area
    • Give children the opportunities to develop their fine motor skills daily- peg up washing, knead dough when cooking, pop up poppers on coat
    • Encourage and support children to feed themselves using a knife and fork