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Dear Families, 


Your child will continue to learn phonics at home on YouTube.

These will be ready to view every Monday - Friday from 10:00am. 

At the end of each session you will be assigned a short task to complete either on LGfL BusyThings or PhonicsPlay. 


When you visit BusyThings - please ensure that you select the appropriate phonics group so that your child is able to complete activities differentiated to the sounds they are learning each day. The differentiated settings on BusyThings will change weekly (as pupils learn new sounds on YouTube) therefore, please make sure that your child has access to the Phonics YouTube videos everyday. 


BusyThings Guide


When you visit PhonicsPlay - please ensure that you select the appropriate phase (Phase 3) and the appropriate set of sounds according to your child's phonics group (every time you select a new game). This will ensure that your child is able to continue practising and applying the oral blending and segmenting skills that they develop during the daily YouTube videos. 


As your child completes a set of new sounds and tricky words, class teachers will allocate more books via BugClub. Remember, the books will appear 'incomplete' until you answer all the questions in the book. When you answer the question the Bugs' eyes will close. If the Bug's eyes appear open at the end of the book, you must go back and answer that question for the books to be 'completed'. 



Your continued support is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

The Reception Team