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Phonics at Highlands Primary School


At Highlands Primary school we are passionate about ensuring children become confident, independent and enthiuastic readers and writers.  We believe that Phonics provides children with the early skills and foundations of reading and writing which in turn enables to them to access and succeed in the rest of the curriculum. The phonics curriculum consists of children learning how to form letters, blend and segment words to read and write, recognise ‘tricky words’ and high frequency words and building an understanding of what alternate sounds and alternate pronunciations are. Moreover a phonics session also supports handwriting skills as it teaches the correct letter formation at the same times as graphemes are being learned. Through daily high quality phonics teaching children will develop the foundations to become fluent readers and writers but also to build their self-esteem and perseverance to tackle new challenges.


Phonics is taught daily in Nursery, Reception and Year 1; children in Year 2 continue with Phonics to support their spelling and grammar as well as revising previous learning if it continues to benefit their learning.  Children will work through phases 1 – 6 from Nursery to Year 2 and it is of high importance that we teach children using a systemic, synthetic and sematic method through the Letters and Sounds programme of study. Each phonics session follows the same structure of: revisit, teach, practise, apply, assess. Phonics sessions are enhanced and made fun by a using a multi-sensory teaching approach using different learning styles such a visual, kinaesthetic and auditory to enable all children to learn. This is supported by resources taken from the Jolly Phonics programme of study to help embed the differentiation of phonemes through songs. As well as this we use the Bug Club reading scheme and access engaging online games through Phonics Play and Busy Things. 

Phonics learning journey