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Physical activities

Week 3 and 4

For those of you that have already completed the the Sports day challenge we would like you to attempt to create your own circuit training workout.

Challenge yourselves and your families to complete these activities. 

Use objects from home to set up in the garden or maybe somewhere indoors where it is safe and spacious if you do not have a garden. Remember you don't have to use objects you can just use your body. 

 Your Circuits should try to  include activities that target:

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Strength Training
  • Endurance Building
  • Agility Training
  • Balance
  • Coordination


Remember to include Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs. Spend about five minutes warming up before you begin and a cool-down with stretching is a great way to end your circuit.


Use the workout station ideas cards to help you design your workout.


Don't forget to send us pictures of your activities! :)


Below are a few examples of workouts you could use to inspire you.

Summer 2: Week 1 & 2

Your challenge for the next two weeks is to plan and host your own sports day for your family. Use the resources below to help you plan out the different activities everyone will take part in, you will need to either make or find equipment to use around your home. Think about how you will all prepare for your sports day. At school we usually practise the activities before taking part, so make practise a part of your daily exercise routine! Where will you set it up? Will you do it in the garden or at a park? What will you need? Water bottles, skipping ropes...


When you have planned, practised and organised the day, you are ready for the games to begin! Why not take some photos of your big sports day to send to your class teachers? 



Use the resources below to help find new ideas for how you can keep active at home!