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Welcome to Reception 2020


Our topic this half term is Magic, Wizards and Witches


This half-term the children will be learning about our new topic through our exciting books about Magic, Wizards and Witches. On the first week back the children dressed up as witches and wizards to celebrate the beginning of entering a magical world of fantasies that we will be reading about. Our classrooms have been transformed into a Wizards Workshop where our pupils will practise their new skills: being imaginative, developing their language, learning how to read and write and many more. In addition to this we have arranged to share more magical experiences with our pupils by organising a magic show that will take place in school, where a very talented children’s entertainer will share his magical illusions with us. Along with our magical new topic, this half-term the children will be learning lots about celebrations and festivities taking place, from Guy Fawkes and Halloween to Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas. We will also be looking at ways to make our world a better place by talking about environmental issues around the world such as endangered animals, climate change and recycling.