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Electricity Lesson 2

Please use this link for further information or a re-cap on Electricity lessons:

Practical Science STEAM Projects:


Whilst making these models you could learn about diets, teeth, food chains and the animals habitat.

Recycling  and reusing our waste is also a great lesson to learn too.

Online Links for Home Science activities


Royal Society of Chemistry

Lots of primary links to activities:


The Science Museum

The museum home learning resources


Home Learning Videos from SSERC: 

check out these activities that allow you to engage at home with easily accessible STEM videos.

These videos can be used as a cook-a-long or to be viewed together and then the activity recreated. 

Making a science investigation book is a great video to start with.

The New BBC Bitesize

There are online Science Lessons for you to try:

science amazing model

Activity Prompts


Science at Work:

Consists of weekly activity sheets about scientists and people who work in a science-related job.

Children are encouraged to send in their questions to the scientist who will answer as many questions as they can in a video released the following week on the Primary Science Teaching Trust’s Facebook page.


Every Tuesday they will release an activity sheet from 11am.

Send them your child's questions and/or upload their drawing by 5 pm on Thursday the same week. You can do this by completing the form on the Science at Work page on our website.

The following Tuesday watch the video – from their website. And don't forget to download the activity sheet for the next week’s scientist!



Aspire to Engineer Challenge - suitable for home learning


This year's Aspire to Engineer challenge has been renamed 'The Great Exhibition at Home' and takes inspiration from Prince Albert's original Great Exhibition which showcased the most exciting Victorian technology and inventions. In the same spirit, they are asking students from across the country to take part in engineering challenges and create their own Great Exhibition in their homes which tackles the question: How can engineering help protect the planet?


Parents and students can download their free resource pack and worksheets here:


You can download some The Great Exhibition at Home brand images, plus some nice archival images, from the original Great Exhibition of 1851 here: